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Kaitlyn and I Texas-rigged some plastic worms - they were hitting them on the fall.

Just a quick note to whom it may concern –

I am a damn lucky man. Fortunate beyond belief in almost every regard, and very grateful for it. When I can sit on the grass beside a pond writing in my journal, listening to green frogs and bullfrogs, watching barn swallows skim surface of the water, and enjoy the company of a new kitten, I consider life pretty good.

Don't know it's name...we just met!

But last night I also was able to watch kids (my own) – a brother, sister, and a cousin – sit on a dock and catch bluegill after bluegill, throw them back and thread on halves of nightcrawlers, whisper, talk and laugh about whatever. Throws it from “Life is good” territory into “I must be this close heaven right now.” And to hit the pillow with a gigantic smile on my face! If only that could happen every night.

Until I can write again – Peace and take care! And enjoy a couple of more photos from last evening.

Your friend –


Mason is doing a good job of taking his own fish off the hook - he's learning how to grab the spiny buggers!

Carlye with her first bluegill of the night.

Oh yeah - Kaitlyn gets in on the bass action!

The sun sets on another evening spent fishing an Iowa farm pond. Priceless.


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